Rotational List

This list helps automate the process for inviting vendors on a rotational basis.



1. To create a rotational list, navigate to the "Vendors" Tab:

2. Go to "Vendor List":

3. Click "Create":

4. A "Create Vendor List" window will appear. Fill out the Name of the List, is this visible to all administrative users or is it a personal list, and select "Yes" to Rotational List:

5. The List will now appear in the Drop Down:

6. Select the list and click "Add Vendor":

7. Use the Search Criteria to add existing vendors in the system. If they do not have a vendor account with bids&tenders, you will need to reach out to the vendor directly to ask them to create a free account:

8. Select the vendors you would like to add to the list and click "Add":

9. You will see the order of the rotational list based on the "Rotation Sequence" column:

10. To change the order, select the vendor you would like to change and choose one of the options at the bottom of the screen:

  • Move To Top
  • Move One Row Up
  • Move One Row Down
  • Move To Bottom

The system will pull in the vendors from the top when you are using this list:



How to Use a Rotational List:

1. When you are working in a bid and would like to invite vendors from a Rotational List, navigate to the "Invitations" Tab:

2. Go to the "Search by Vendor List" section and select your rotational list from the drop down and click "Search":

3. The system will ask you how many vendors you would like to invite from this list:

4. Indicate the Number of Vendors and click Invite.

5. The Vendors will automatically be added to the Invitations Section at the bottom of the screen. The process for pushing out the invitations will be the same as a regular invitation. You can either use the e-mail wizard when the bid is released or you can push out the notification by clicking "Send e-mail"


If you require any assistance setting up these rotational lists, please contact 



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