Update 3.12.11 - July 25th, 2018

The bids&tenders update version 3.12.11 has been successfully scheduled and is ready for release on July 25, 2018. Please refer to the information listed below.

The following updates will be in effect: 

Contracts Module

New Tokens for the E-mail Wizard:

  • Purchasing Representatives: #PurchasingReps#
  • Departments: #Department#
  • Divisions: #Division#
  • Award Amount (from the Bid Details Tab): #AwardAmount#
  • Contract Vendors (lists out all the vendors the Contract is associated with): #ContractVendors#

Contracts can now be linked in the Contract Details Tab:

Bids Module

Invitational to Prequalified Bidders or Roster Bids - you will be able to hide different sections from the Public:


Rotational List

* New Feature * 

This list helps automate the process for inviting vendors on a rotational basis.

To use the rotational list, you will need to set up a list of vendors in the Vendors Tab. In the Invitations Tab, you will be able to select that list and choose how many vendors you would like to invite from this list. The system will add the vendors from the top of the list and once they have been invited, it will move the vendors to the bottom of the rotational list.

Planned Bids

The description will display on the Bid Details page:

Submissions and Awards tab

Bids in the Submissions and Awards Tab will appear alphabetically, not from lowest to highest.

Export of Completed Bid Submissions

If accepting multiple submissions, the Primary Submission will appear first in the Export.

RFx Evaluations Module

New Audit Report

The audit will capture all changes done in the consensus scorecard:

New Column in the Consensus Scorecard:

A new column "Weighted Score" has been added - this will capture the weighted score of the section the consensus score is for:


Contractor Performance Module

Vendor name has been added to the Evaluation form. 

Admin Login Page

Forgot Password

Forgot Password Link is now available for the users on the Admin Login Page:


  • The Generated Bid Document will be in Arial Font Size 12
  • New Bid Notification E-mails have been moved to its own service
  • Documents with the PREVIEW watermark can now be printed
  • eBids: When vendors go to add an “Optional Row”, the button will display on the left hand side
  • Ability to filter User by "Purchaser"
  • Audit Report will display times in the Time Zone of the organization

Various performance and reported user interface bugs have been fixed.

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