Limited Tenders

Limited Tendering

This is just like an invitational bid (not publicly viewable) until it is awarded.

The bid detail tab would be filled out as per usual with all information that is relevant/mandatory for this bid.

Once Limited is chosen a field for description of the circumstances justifying the use of Limited Solicitation process appears.  This should be populated with appropriate justification and will be visible to public once the bid is changed from design to awarded.

Note:  This can be pre-populated.  Default is other. (Discussed in more detail below)

Once the Limited procurement is set to awarded the following details will be publically viewable – on front end only (bids&tenders portal as well as client’s bids&tenders portal without having to be logged in or invited to the bid)

  1. Bid Classification
  2. Bid Type
  3. Bid Number
  4. Bid Status
  5. Bid Award Date
  6. The circumstances justifying the use of Limited Solicitation. If there circumstance is chosen, then this will show publicly. 
  7. If circumstance “Other” is chosen then a text box “Justification” will appear and must be populated with the reasoning why this tender is Limited – as per trade agreement.                          
  8. Once set to Awarded Status – “Awarded Summary” will appear above “Description” In bid detail tab. Here is where the Agency would put all necessary information regarding the Awarded Vendor and any further details that the agency would like the public to view on this tender.
  9. Once awarded this is what will display on Public Agency Portal and Bids and Tenders public portal.
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