How do I create an account with bids&tenders?


Creating an account with bids&tenders is easy and only takes a few minutes.  Follow these steps to create your account:

This will take you to the Create Account page.  Please read though the key information on this page in regards to creating your account. 

  •  Provide all the required information in the fields on this page (indicated by the Red asterisk)

**Legal Company Name**

 You must enter your company’s Official Legal name in order to avoid any confusion when registering for bids.  Once complete, this can only be changed by contacting


Indicate whether you would like to be an emergency vendor: 

Select your categories. This is how the system will know what bids to notify you about, so make sure you go through the list carefully. If you require assistance with selecting categories, this guide will help you navigate the process


Select what agencies you would like to receive bid notifications from: 

Enter in your first and last name, e-mail address, and create a password that you will use to access your account: 

Click to agree to terms of service:

If you would like to invite another contact to your account, click the button below:

Fill out the required information. You can indicate here if this person will be the primary contact on the account. This person will be sent an e-mail notification so that they can create their own password. You do not need to create a password for them: 

You can have up to 10 contacts on your account. Once you are done adding all of your contacts, click Continue:

Congratulations! You have created your bids&tenders account.


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