Using the E-mail Wizard


This guide will help you navigate the e-mail wizard.

  • Click 'Send E-mail' button in the tab that you want the e-mail to go out from. If prompted, select the appropriate e-mail option: 

  • This will open up the e-mail wizard. Click 'Next':

  • Select the template you wish to use (it will auto-populate the message field). If using a custom e-mail and entering your own message, please ensure that you include in the sender field. If entering more than one e-mail address in the CC field, please use ; to separate the e-mails. The tokens (the items in between #) will be auto-populated with appropriate information when the e-mail is sent. Click next:

  • On the 'Contacts' screen - all of the contacts listed will receive the e-mail. The option to select contacts is there in case you wish to remove a vendor from the e-mail list. To remove a contact, click the check box next to their name and click the 'Remove Contact' button. Otherwise, click 'Next'. All contacts listed on the screen will receive the e-mail:

  • Select the time at which you would like the e-mail to gout. If this is an invitation e-mail, make sure you schedule the e-mail to go out at the same time as your bid open time. Click 'Next':

  •  Click 'Finish' on the Confirmation screen:


  • Your e-mail will be sent at the time you selected. 
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