Using the Vendor Documents Tab

Contracts Module is where you can manage existing contracts and create new ones. This module allows you to keep track of important dates associated with a contract. It also allows the vendors to upload up-to-date required documents directly into the system for your approval. 

How To: use Vendor Documents tab

This is meant to be used as a sharing area between you and the vendor. Any documents that are uploaded in this area will be visible to the vendor associated with the contract. This area can be used for housing bid documents, agreements, purchase orders etc.

*If you want the vendor to upload documents back to you, check the box next to “Allow Public Uploads”:

  • Click “Browse” to locate the file on your network/computer:

  • Give the document a description and choose a type from the dropdown (this list can be set up in the Configurations tab).
  • Click “Upload” when finished.
  • You can push out e-mails through this area by clicking “Send Email”:












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