Creating a New Contract

Contracts Module is where you can manage existing contracts and create new ones. This module allows you to keep track of important dates associated with a contract. It also allows the vendors to upload up-to-date required documents directly into the system for your approval. 

How To: Create a New Contract

  • Navigate to the Contracts tab:

  • You will be directed to the “Search” tab:

  • Click on “Create”:

  • Fill out the mandatory information (red asterisk):

Contract Title:

Enter Contract Number and Name

Contract Description:

Enter Contract Description – vendors will be able to see this content


Indicate the Start and End Date of the Contract. The closing contract e-mail notifications are driven from this.


Indicate if this is a Term Contract or No Term


Choose a term – this list can be configured in the Configuration Tab.


Design Mode (Pending) – This contract is in Draft (no e-mail notifications will go out)

Active – This is an active contract (all notifications will go out)

Closed – This contract has ended.

Closed – Archived – This contract has ended and will no longer appear in reporting

Cancelled – This contract has been cancelled.

Contract Amount:

Enter the Total Contract Amount


Enter the Department – this can be added/removed in the Configuration Tab


Enter the Division – this can be added/removed in the Configuration Tab.


Search for the awarded vendor – the vendor must have an account with bids&tenders in order to receive automatic e-mail notifications.


Check the box if this is a cooperative contract.

Lead Agency Name:

Choose the lead agency for this contract.

No. of agencies:

Enter the # of agencies in the contract.

Participating Agencies:

Type in the participating agencies in this contract.


Enter the main contact for this Contract (ex. Contract Owner)

Purchasing Representatives:

Enter the main purchasing contact for this Contract.

Closing Notification Days:

If you require a custom closing contract notification, indicate the number of days before the closing date that you want the e-mail to be sent to the purchasing representative.

PO Ref. Number:

Enter the Purchase Order Number.


Enter comments about this contracts – this will not be visible to the vendor.

Primary Contact Info:

Enter additional contact information for the vendor.


Select the appropriate categories for this contract – this list can be set up in the Configuration tab.


  • Click “Add Contract”:

  • Once you have added a contract, the other tabs will become available to you:

Linking Contracts to Other Contracts

 In the Contract details tab you are able to link the contract to another contract previously created





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