Setting-Up Vendor Document Types

References tab under Configurations is where you can set up items that would appear in the drop down menus throughout the bid and contracts. For example, this is where you would set up your bid types (RFI, RFQ, etc), your irrevocable periods, departments and division, etc. 

If you are using the Contracts module and would like vendors to upload documents to you other than WSIB and Insurance Certificates, you will need to set up the document types that you would normally require from your contractors. 

Setting-Up the Vendor Document Types for Contracts Module:

  • Navigate to the 'Contract Vendor Document Types' under the 'References' tab:

  • Type the document type name into the window on the right hand side, click 'Add', then click 'Save':

  • The added document type will appear on the left hand side:

  • The list you create here will appear in the 'Contracts' module:

  • When you or a vendor upload a document into Vendor Document, you will need to chose which type of document has been uploaded from the drop down list.



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