Setting-Up Departments and Divisions

References tab under Configurations is where you can set up items that would appear in the drop down menus throughout the bid and contracts. For example, this is where you would set up your bid types (RFI, RFQ, etc), your irrevocable periods, departments and division, etc. 

To Set-Up Departments and Divisions:

  • Type in the name of the department in the window at the bottom of the section and click 'Add':

  • The department will now appear on the list:

  • To add a division under the department, click on the department (E.g Business Services). 
  • In the 'Division' window, type in the name of the division and click 'Add':

  • The division will now be on the list: 

  • The Department/Division lists will appear in the Bid Details tab under the Department and Division fields: 


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