Evaluator's Guide

If you have been assigned as an evaluator to a bid, this guide will help you navigate the evaluation process in the system.

  • Go to your agency’s bids&tenders website: E.g agencyname.bidsandtenders.ca
  • Enter your username (e-mail) and password.

Note: this information should have been provided to you. If you do not have your log-in information, please contact the individual who assigned you to the evaluation.



  • Click on “Evaluation Dashboard” to view all of your reminders, current projects, and past projects:

  • This will take you to your Evaluation Dashboard:

  • When you have been assigned to an evaluation, the notice will appear under “Reminders and Notices”:

  • Your current projects will display all Evaluations that are open to you:


  • Click on "Pending Conflict of Interest" to continue.
  • The system will ask the following. If you state that you have a conflict, you will not be able to proceed. Note: if you click I Have a Conflict by accident, contact the purchasing representative and they can undo it.

  • If you do not have a conflict, click "I Don't Have a Conflict" to proceed with the Evaluation.


Evaluation Instructions

  • If the Purchasing Representative set up Instructions as part of this Evaluation, you will need to click to agree that you have read the instructions:

  • All of the submissions will be listed on this page:
  1. Bidder – name of the company that submitted
  2. Evaluation Item(s) – the items that you have been assigned to evaluate
  3. My Progress – a visual to show how much you have completed. The bar will be blue when you have completed the evaluation.
  4. Score Card – you can enter your scoring here OR by clicking on the evaluation item.

  • Click on the Evaluation Item that you would like to Evaluate (if there are multiple bidders and submissions, you can evaluate the submissions/evaluation items in any order):

  • You will be taken to the part of the submission that needs to be evaluated. Here you are able to:
    • Make General Notes for this submission - click "General Notes"
    • You can review the Score card by clicking "Score Card" at the top.
    • Go back to the different submissions – click “Back



  • To view the document(s), click "View" and the document will load below 
  • You will be able to Download and Print the documents.
  • Check the box to acknowledge that you have reviewed this document:

  • Once you acknowledge, the system will time and date stamp when it occurred next to the document:


  • When you are ready to score, click “Edit”:


  • Indicate your score here. The system will advise if you have gone past the Maximum Score. You must provide comments:

  • Click "Save"




  • Continue evaluating the rest of the bidders. You will notice the progress bar will reflect how much you have completed for each submission:

  • When you have finished your evaluation, contact the individual who assigned you to the evaluation to advise that the evaluation has been completed.


  • After the consensus meeting, the evaluator is able to confirm the updated score via email. The evaluator will receive the below e-mail to review and confirm through a link in email rather than logging into system. (The feature must be enabled)






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