Setting Up a Bid Meeting

How to: Set up a Bid/Site Meeting

  • To set up a meeting for your bid, click on the 'Bid Meeting' tab:

  • Click on 'Add Meeting Location' and fill out the applicable information in the window that pops up (red asterisk denotes a mandatory field):

*you don't have to provide an end time for the meeting.

  • Make sure to check off the box next to 'Mandatory Meeting' if attending the meeting is required.
  • Click on 'Add Meeting Location' when you're done filling out the information. 
  • Your bid meeting has now been added:

  • Prior to the meeting, you can download the attendance sheet that the system will generate (highlighted above in yellow). You can take this sheet to the meeting and have vendors sign in on it, so that you can track attendance. This is especially important if the meeting is mandatory and vendors would be disqualified if they did not attend. 

'Turn on Attendance Tracking'

(Note - if you do not see this call for support the feature may not be turned on) 

  • Enabling attendance tracking will allow you to mark whether or not a vendor has attended your bid meeting. You can also prevent a vendor from bidding if they did not attend a mandatory bid meeting. Simply click off the radio buttons in the 'yes' and 'no' columns next to the vendor name:

  • If you select 'No' in the 'Allowed to Bid' column for a particular vendor, when they go into the system to start their bid, they will be notified that they are not able to bid on this opportunity because they did not attend a mandatory site meeting.

'Close Registration After Meeting Date'

  • You have the option to prevent vendors from registering for your bid opportunity once the mandatory bid meeting date has passed by clicking on the box next to 'Close Registration After Meeting Date'.
  • Keep in mind that sometimes vendors wait to attend the bid meeting prior to registering. Because of this, we would suggest keeping registration open for, at least, 24-48 hours after the bid meeting to give vendors that attended the bid meeting to register for this opportunity. You may also consider speaking to this process in your bid document. 





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