Adding a Team Member

How to: Add a Team Member to a Bid

In order for a Team Member to be added to a particular bid, they will first need to be set up as an 'Employee'. Please see guide on How to Add an Employee for instructions. 

  • Navigate to the bid to which you would like to add a Team Member.
  • Click on the 'Team Member' tab in the bid: 

  • Start typing the name of the Team Member that you would like to add into the Search Bar. Their name will pop up:

  • Click on the name of the Team Member and click the 'Add' button:

  • The Team Member will now appear in the 'Team Members' window, indicating that they have been successfully added:

  • If you would like the Team Member to receive e-mail notifications when a vendor submits a question, double click on the 'No' under the 'Email on Question Submit' column: 

  • Click on the check box that appears and click 'Save'.
  • The Team Member will now receive notifications when vendors submit a question:



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