Notice of Intended Procurement

Below is a chart of bids&tenders response to the Trade Agreement Notice Requirements:

Reference Documents:


Trade Agreement Notice Requirements

bids&tenders™ Response

Procurement entity

Is included on bids&tenders web page for each agency

Procurement Entity Contact Information

Is included on bids&tenders web page for each agency

Procurement number

In system - Bid Number

Procurement Name

In system - Bid Title

A description of the procurement

In system – Description. [we have confirmed with the Federal Government that the Free Preview option complies with the CFTA and CETA requirements, therefore you do not have to go into detail in the description]

Can include:

Buyers should Include description of the procurement, including the nature and the quantity of the goods or services to be procured, or, if the quantity is unknown the estimated quantity, you may also include a statement to “refer to the bid documents”

Bid Notice Type: (Notice of Intended Procurement / Notice of Planned Procurement

In system – bid status (open or planned)

Procurement Method: (Open to Public, Selective-Qualification, Selective-Multi-use List, Limited, Invitational)

New field - In-system – Procurement Method

Bid Type i.e RFP, RFQ, Tender, Non-Binding RFP, RFI, EOI, etc

In-system – Bid Type

Electronic Auction: default not applicable

Will be displayed automatically to display:

“Electronic Auction: Not Applicable”

Negotiation (if applicable)

New field - In system – Negotiation Type

Condition for Participation or Certifications  default would be i.e. All interested suppliers may submit a bid or See Bid Document for conditions or a text field is provided to state conditions

New field - In system – Condition for Participation

If Selective Qualification is chosen above:   and procuring entity intends to select a limited number of qualified suppliers to be invited to tender, the criteria that will be used to select them and, if applicable, any limitation on the number of suppliers that will be permitted to tender;

New field – in system – drop down list of reasons, only appears if selective option is picked

Purchasing Cooperative Bid No /Yes – IF yes list participating agencies

In system – Coop Bids

Commodity Code

In system – commodity codes

Trade agreement

In System – will be automated based on dollar value and pre-configured

Bid Document Access and Costs:  How to obtain or pay for subscription or document, if applicable

Generated system message

Bid Submission:  Electronic only / Hard copy only / Both

In system – Submission Type

Time-Frame For Delivery of goods or services or the duration of the contract

New field - In system – Timeframe for Delivery

Options/ Term of Contract:

New field - In system – Options / Terms of Contracts

Language for Bid Submissions:

Automatically displayed message:

“Language for Bid Submissions: English unless specified in the bid document”

Bid Status: Open, Closed, Awarded, etc

In system – Bid Status

Publication date

In system – Open Date

Question Deadline

In system – Question Deadline Date

Amendment date

In system – Dates are displayed for addenda

Date closing

In system – Bid closing date/time

Address/Location for submission of Bids: 

New In system – Submission location

If electronic a message will be displayed

Public Opening

In system – Public opening date

Public Opening Location

In system – Public opening location

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