Vendor Questions Tab

If you would like this feature turned on for you – please contact the eSolutions team.

The Vendor Questions Tab is an internal tool to help manage questions that are submitted by vendors through your agency’s bids and tenders page.

The only way for vendors to receive an answer to their question is through an addendum (see separate guide).

Vendors do not see any “answers” filled out in this area - for internal purposes only


  1. Navigate to the “Bids” tab and find your Open Bid:


  1. Navigate to the “Vendor Questions” tab:


  1. This will take you to the Questions portal. There is a message advises that anything done in this area will not be seen by the Vendors. :


How to answer questions in in the System:

1. Click on the "Answer" button:

2. A new window will pop up. Complete your input and click “Save”.


3. To mark a question complete. Select the question by clicking on the checkbox, click on the “Mark Complete”:

4. You may also export the question(s) to an Addendum Template. Select the question(s) by clicking on the checkbox and click on the “Export Selected Questions”



5. The system will load a Word Document which will include the questions/answers that you have selected.


How to add a question that did not come through the Submit Question Feature:

1. Click on the "Add Questions" button:

 2. Complete the form:

3. Click "Submit" to add the Question. 

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