Searching for Bids and Reporting

How to: Use the 'Search' tab in the 'Bids' Module

After going through the log-in process, you will be taken to the 'Search' tab in the 'Bids' module. This is where you can search for bids by a variety of criteria and pull ad-hoc reports. 

To Search for a bid:

  • You can search by a number of criteria including keywords, status, purchasing representative, etc. 
  • If searching by keyword or bid status, you can type in/select the appropriate criteria into/from the available fields and click 'Search':

  • Your search results will appear in the 'Search Results' window. 
  • You can also input more detailed search criteria in order to perform a more specific search. To do this, click on 'Show Advanced Search':

  • Here, you can populate your search requirements and click 'Search':

  • You can save your search by clicking the 'Save my Search' button, naming your search, and indicating whether the search can be shared or not:

  • Saving your search is helpful for reporting purposes: you won't need to re-populate your criteria every time you run a report. 

Running Reports Using the Search Tab:

  • To run a report in the 'Search' tab, populate your search/reporting criteria (for example, you can select the bid status 'Open' and a particular Purchasing rep's name to see what bids this person has open at the moment, or you can search by Department and Division, etc). 
  • You can also choose what information/columns you would like to appear in your report when you export it. To select the columns, click the 'Export Search Column' drop down, select the columns that you would like to appear in your report, and click search:


  • If you would like to pull a report based on criteria that you have already saved, select the appropriate search from the 'Saved Searches' drop down and click 'Search':

  • Click 'Export Search Results' to export your search/report in an Excel file:




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