Inviting Vendors to your bid

How to: Invite Vendors to your Bid

There are instances when you need to invite vendors to your bid. There are three ways in which you can do this in the system:

  1. You can copy/select a list of plan takers from a previous bid (helpful for pre-qualification bids).
  2. You can search by specific criteria
  3. You can send an invitation e-mail to vendors that have not yet registered in the system.
  • Navigate to the invitations tab:

  • This is what it will look like: 

To copy/select plan takers from a previous bid:

  • Type in the bid number in the search window and click on the selection criteria:

Selection criteria:

  • All - this will pull in all registered plan takers from the selected bid
  • Submitted - this will pull in all the bidders who have submitted a bid
  • Awarded - this will pull in the awarded bidder(s) from this bid 


  • Select the vendor(s) you would like to invite by checking the box next to the company name and click “Add”:

  • The selected vendor(s) will appear in the “Invitations” section:

  • You will need to push out the invitations e-mail by clicking the 'Send E-mail' button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Just follow the steps in the e-mail wizard. 

To search for vendors using a criteria:

  • Enter the criteria you want to search by and click “Search”:

  • Select the vendor(s) and click “Add”:

  • Selected vendors will appear in the 'Invitations' section. From there, follow the same steps as outlined above to push out the invitation e-mail. 

To invite a vendor who has not yet registered with the system:

  • You can now push out an invitation e-mail to vendors who have not yet registered with bids&tenders. 
  • To do this, scroll down to the 'Invtiations' window and click the 'Invite By Email' button at the top of the window:

  • Type in the e-mail address of the vendor you would like to invite and click save:

  • Follow the steps above to push out the invitation e-mail to selected vendors.










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