eBidding: Creating Tables - Subcontractors

How to: Create a Subcontractor table from scratch

*To copy a subcontractor table, see : eBidding: Creating Tables - Copying Existing Table\

*To upload a subconractor table from a CSV file, see : eBidding: Creating Tables - Import from a CSV File

  • To build a subcontractor table, click “Create Table” and select “Subcontractors” from the drop-down menu:

  • In Table Properties – Fill out the necessary fields:
    • Table name
    • Indicate if the table is required. If “Yes”, the vendor will not be able to submit without completing the table. If “No” the vendor will be able to opt-out of the table.

*Note: For subcontractor tables, the table must be NON-MANDATORY. This allows the vendor to ‘opt-out’ if they are using their own forces.

This is the box vendors will check if they are using their own forces:

When the vendor selects the 'opt-out' option, a pop-up will appear confirming this option:

  • If you would like the system to number the lines, select “Yes”, if not select “No”.
  • Indicate the number the system will start numbering at.
  • Indicate the total number of rows you will have in the table.
  • Select if you would like to allow Vendors to add additional rows – this should be selected for Subcontractors tables as you will not know how many subcontractors the bidder may be using. You are able to set a maximum number of rows:

  • To build a column, select the column type and fill in the column name. For subcontractor tables, column type “Text” is used as it allows vendors to type in their answers.
    • If the vendor needs to provide an answer, check the box “Vendor to Input”:

*Note: Because the purchasing representative does not know how many subcontractors a vendor will have, their answers will not be “Required”. If this option is selected, the column will become mandatory resulting in all of the rows becoming mandatory. It is important that this is not checked.

  • Click “Add” to add the column. Once you do so, the column will appear in the Table Layout:

  • Continue adding all of the necessary columns. Once completed, the table layout should have all of the columns. To modify the width of the columns, hover over the headings, click and drag to expand.

  • Click “Save Changes” to save your table:

  • The subcontractors table will now appear under filter type “Subcontractors”:

  • To make any changes to the table layout, click on “Edit Properties”.
  • The table should not be Mandatory. This allows the vendor to Opt-out of providing information if they are using their own forces. However, if they are providing subcontractor tables and are not using their own forces, it is important that at least one row is mandatory. Click the 'Req' checkbox to make the first Row mandatory.
  • Click on “Save Table” after you have made your changes. A confirmation message will appear and then click on “Close”.








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