eBidding: Creating Tables - Import from a CSV File

How to: Create tables by importing a CSV file

DO NOT include the following items in the file:

  • Merged Cells
  • Sub headings at a row level
  • Multiple line items in two cells
  • Formulas in the cells
  • Formatting assigned to the cells (Bold, underline, etc)
  • Blank rows
  • More than 10 columns of information
  • Written instructions or text language above the pricing table
  • Multiple sheets in one fil
  • No Summary Table

DO have the following items in the file:

  • A row for each item of information that needs pricing
  • A column for sub-section headings
  • A quantity of 1 for Lump Sum units of measure
  • One file per pricing table/form

  • To import a table from your computer or network, click on “Import From CSV” and select the appropriate table type from the drop down menu :

  • Click “Browse” to locate the file on your computer/network, select if your file has headers or not, and click on “Create”:

  • The uploaded table will appear under the appropriate table type. Click on “Edit Properties” to edit the table.
  • Double check to make sure that the column type corresponds to what is being asked of the vendors. Indicate which fields are for vendors to input and what is required. Save changes when finished.
  • When uploading the CSV file, make sure that there is no formatting and no formulas included in the document. Don't include multiple line items in the same cell. 





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