eBidding: Filling out the Information

This guide explains how to fill out all of the necessary information in the eBids tab, except for building the tables. For instructions on building tables in the eBid tab, please see article titled eBidding: Creating Tables (all categories)

- How to: Upload Bid Document - 

  • Navigate to the “eBids” tab.
  • The first section is the “Bid Document” Upload section. If you would like to merge the front-end document with the PDF of the online bidding submission, upload the front-end document here:

  • Click “Browse”.
  • Find the file on your network/local machine.
  • Click “Upload”.
  • You will now see the file name with an option to remove the file:

- How to: Fill out the Options Section -

  • Next is the “Options” Section:

  • If you are allowing bidders submit multiple submissions, check the box:

  • If you want an optional “Other” Document envelope, check the box. Note: you are not able to change the name of this upload area. It will display as “Upload Additional Document”. Bidders are not required to upload a document in this area as it is non-mandatory:

(What the vendor will see)

- How to: Fill out the Document Uploads section - 

  • Next is the “Document Upload” Section. This is where you set the number of envelopes for the bidders to upload their documents. Select from the drop-down the number of documents:

  • Enter the name of the file you would like the Bidder to upload. To make the documents mandatory, check the box next to “Make Mandatory”:

- How to: Fill out the Bonding section -

  • Using the drop-down, select the Bond requirements:

  • Enter the Bond Title in the field. Enter any additional language (if required) in the text box below:

- How to: Fill out the Terms and Conditions section -

  • If the “Terms and Conditions” need to be adjusted or added, check the toggle box “Add Library Content for Terms and Conditions”.
  • Select a pre-added Terms and Conditions Template in the drop down or add the language in the text box below:

- How to: Fill out the Questions section - 

  • If you have questions that you would like the vendor to answer as part of their online bid submission, click on the “Add Question” button:

  • Type in your question in the text box. Identify the question type (text or number).




The vendor can provide a text based answer (accepts any characters)


The vendor can provide a numerical based answer (only accepts numeric characters)

  • To force the vendor to answer the question as a part of their bid submission, ensure the required box is checked If the question is optional for the vendor to answer, do not check off the required box:

  • To remove a question, click the “Remove Question” button. To add more questions, click “Add Question”. Click the “Save” button regularly to ensure you do not lose your questions:






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