eBidding: Creating an eBid

How to: Create an eBid from scratch or from a template

- Creating a new eBid from scratch -

  • Navigate to the “Bids” tab:

  • On the Search tab – at the bottom of the page, click “Create” or click on the “Bid Detail Tab”:

- Creating a new eBid from a template -

Please note when using templates, sections of this guide may not be applicable as they have already been pre-set in the templates.

  • Navigate to the “Bids” Tab.

  • Change the status to “Template” in the drop-down:

  • Click “Search”:

  • Select the appropriate template and click “Copy”:

  • Choose whether you would like to Copy (with table data) or Copy (without table data):
    • Copy (with table data) – this option pulls all of the information from the bid template, including data in the table cells.
    • Copy (without table data) – this option does not pull in table data – specifications and schedule of prices.

  • Complete the required fields (red asterisk) in the Bid Detail Tab:




*Online Submission must be set to “Required” to enable e-bidding*

  • Enter a brief description for scope of work (if required):

  • In the categories section, select any categories that apply to the bid. To search for categories, enter part of the term in the 'Search for Categories…' Vendors who have added the selected categories to their profile information will be notified of the bid:

  • Bid documents such as specification drawings, etc., can be added to the documents area. The front-end document with the pricing table(s) and other online submission requirements will be generated in the “eBids” tab:

  • Enter the File name for the document.
  • Enter the number of pages in the document.
  • Select from the drop-down whether it is a document or an advertisement.
    • Vendors are able to download advertisements without registering as a plan taker.
  • Browse for the location where the file is located on the local machine or network.
  • Click “Upload”.
  • Be sure to click “Save” once you have filled out all of the necessary fields:

  •  Once everything has been saved, a new tab will appear beside “Bid Detail” called “eBids”:






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