Posting Bid Results

How to: Post Bid Results

When setting up your Bid, in Bid Details, you must decide which option you would like to use for your pricing:

  • Manual – The values (pricing) will be sealed. You will need to manually unseal the bid submission and price.
  • Automatic – The pricing will automatically display in the Submissions and Award tab.

If you want the system to automatically post the Bidder’s List (without pricing), when setting up your bid, select “Show Bidders List – Show to Public” – you will still need to follow the steps below to display Prices:

  • Navigate to 'Bids':

  • Set the Status to “Closed” and search for your bid:

  • Click “Edit” to open the selected bid:

  • In the “Bid Details” Tab, you will notice the status has automatically changed to “Closed”:

  • Navigate to the “Award” Tab:

  • Under the “Submissions” Heading, the submitted bidders are listed with their pricing (if pricing tables were part of the e-bid). If you are not doing E-Bidding, you will need to input the submitted bidders in the “Search” tab:

Display Value – If checked the pricing will be publically displayed. If there are pricing tables in the bid, it will automatically get pulled into the “Value/Notes” field. If there are no pricing tables, this field will be blank.

Value/NotesDouble click to edit.  You are able to override the data in this field (ex. Listing out option years and their values, showing pricing for different parts etc.).

Red corner – Appears when you make any changes. They will only be applied once you click “Save”.

  • Click “Save” after making your changes:

  • In the Submitted section, you also have the ability to pull different reports and send emails to the Submitted Bidders:

  • Go to the “Bid Detail” tab:

  • If you hadn’t selected “Show Bidders List – Show to Public” when setting up your bid, to show the results, follow the steps below:
  • If you would like to display Submitted Bids, select “Show to Public”. Note: this will display all the bidders who submitted. It will only show the value if you check the “Display Value” box in the “Submissions and Award” tab:

  • After these changes have been made, click “Save”.
  • To view the public site and what is displayed, click “View Online”:




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