Exporting Submissions & Award

How to: Export Submissions and Award bids

  • To export Submissions, navigate to the “Submissions” tab:

  • To view the bid submissions individually without exporting the files to your own computer, click on “Manage Results” underneath the Vendor Name:

  • This will open a window where you will see Submission Details:

  • Click on “View Submission”:

  • Scroll down to the option to view all document uploads and the completed submission PDF. Click on the file to open:

  • Close the Window by clicking “Close”.
  • In the “Submissions and Award” Tab, you have three options in this tab:

a) Export all submissions - all files will download in a Zipped File,

b) Bid Analysis - will export an Excel Spreadsheet with side-by-side analysis of all submitted bids,

c) Send E-mails.

  • Click “Export All Submissions” to download all the submissions.
  • The Zipped File will open in a new window.
  • Copy all the files in the zipped folder and paste into a new folder in your computer:

  • To view individual submissions, double click on the bidder’s name which will open their submission folder:

  • Double Click on the folder to access all the documents; including: Completed Submission, any mandatory document uploads and Excel “Tables” Report:


  • To award a bid, navigate to the “Submissions and Award” Tab:

  • Below the “Submissions” section is the “Award” Section:

  • Enter the name of the successful vendor in the Search field and click “Add”:

  • You will need to enter the Value/Notes (if required) and select whether it should be shown to the public by clicking “Show Value”:

  • Click “Save”:

  • Navigate to the “Bid Detail” tab:

  • Change Status to “Awarded”:

  • Click “Save”.
  • To view the public page, click “View Online”:

*Complete guide on posting bid results, exporting submissions and award, sending regret and award letters: see attachment.




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