Using the Private Link

How to: Use the Private Link

Private Address - Access to Bid Details and Documents without Logging In

Enabling the private address will generate a private link that you can share with others that will allow them to see all aspects of the Bid without logging in or being a Plan Taker.

The details on this page will include:

  • Bid details,
  • Document downloads,
  • Plan takers,
  • Submitted bids, and
  • Awarded details regardless of whether or not the bid is private, or elements are turned off.

The private link will expose all of the data available for the bid.

  • To enable the private address, navigate to the “Bid Detail” tab:

  • Scroll to “Private Address Section”. The default will be “Disable Private Link”:

  • To enable the Private Link, choose the “Enable Private Link – I understand the risk” button:

  • The private link will now appear. You are now able to share this link with others, who will be able to see all aspects of the Bid without logging in.

Private Address - Bids Simulator for Team Members - Requires Log-In

If you are using the e-bidding feature, you can use the Private Link to share the Bid Simulator (vendor view).

First, ensure that the employee or consultant has been added in the Employees tab. An employee only needs to be added once. If the employee is in the system, you can skip to navigating right to the 'Bids'.

  • Navigate to the “Employees” tab:

  • Search for the Employee and if they are not there, click “Create” at the bottom of the page:

  • Fill in the required information, click “Add Employee”, and provide the log in information to the employee:

  • Navigate to the “Bids” tab:

  • Open the Bid you are working on, by typing the bid number/name in the search bar:

  • Then, navigate to the “Team Members” tab:

  • Search for the Employee and click add:

  • Go to the “Bid Detail” tab and go to the “Private Address” section:

  • Select “Enable Private Link – I understand the risk”:

  1. You can now share this link to your team members. You will have to do this outside of the Bids&Tenders system, by using your e-mail.







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